We Can Do it! With Our 5th Anniversary Hop Blossom Theme

We Can Do it! With Our 5th Anniversary Hop Blossom Theme

What is not to love about a beer festival?

Think about it. A party. Good beer. Interesting people. Enjoyable music. And, hopefully, some nice weather which makes the day just that much sweeter.

The beer festival. It may be one of humanity’s better ideas. I have absolutely no data to back this up but I may start polling folks. What do you think?

The beer festival has been around for a while. It’s tough to determine which festival is the world’s oldest or the world’s largest.

It appears that the oldest festival dates to 1810. Munich celebrated the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. You guessed it. The festival was held in October and has become Oktoberfest [even though it starts in September – go figure].

Last year, Bavaria’s Oktoberfest hosted more than six million revelers over the course of seventeen days. It may be the world’s largest festival as well. If crowds and Bavarian beer are your thing, book your accommodations today. Cheers.

Stateside, one of the older festivals and longer running festivals is the Oregon Brewers Festival which debuted in July 1988. The festival now attracts nearly 90,000 to Portland.

Denver’s Great American Beer Festival dates to 1982. It is by all measures an impressive event. Last year, the festival attracted about 50,000 folks. The festival’s judges selected medal winners from more than 3,000 beers representing more than 500 breweries.

The Shenandoah Valley’s own Hop Blossom Festival, right here in our own backyard, marks its fifth anniversary this year. It may not be able to make the boast as either the oldest or largest festival, but it can make the boast as the “best damned beer festival” in Virginia’s Apple Capital.

Plenty of good beer [about 40 breweries represented, many from Virginia], plenty of good people, and plenty of good music.

This year the festival date is Saturday, June 10 on Winchester’s historic Old Town Mall. If you are paying attention you may have noted that June 10 was the day on which President John F. Kennedy signed in 1963 the Equal Pay Act. The act legally required that women be paid equally for their work. Paying men one amount and women another for the same work became a no-no. It was a start.

So, what does all this have to do with beer festivals? Give me a minute, I’m working on it. Okay, here it is. Look for this year’s logo. It’s being designed as I write.

Since our festival is on June 10, it pays homage to the 1963 Equal Pay Act. Happy 54th birthday to the act and happy fifth birthday to the Hop Blossom Festival.


-Dan McCoig





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